San Carlos Mexico Guide

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Introduction and Table of Contents

Trip Planning
Chapter 1: Planning your Trip to San Carlos Mexico

Road Travel
Chapter 2: Travelling to San Carlos by Bus or Auto

Air Travel
Chapter 3: Travelling to San Carlos by Air and Travel Document Information

Fun For Kids
Chapter 4:  A list of Fun Activities for Younger Travelers

Beaches and Pools
Chapter 5:  A Guide to San Carlos Area Beaches and Swimming Pools

Water Sports and More
Chapter 6:  A Guide to Fishing, Diving, Boating and more in the Sea of Cortez

Community Activities
Chapter 7:  Information on Civic Groups and San Carlos Community Activities

San Carlos Sightseeing
Chapter 8: Places to Visit and See in San Carlos, Mexico

Sonora Sightseeing
Chapter 9:  Other Places to Visit and See in Sonora, Mexico

Staying Healthy
Chapter 10: Tips on Staying Healthy on Vacation in San Carlos

Becoming a Resident
Chapter 11: Information on Becoming a Year-round Resident

Background on the San Carlos Mexico Guide

Important Dates in San Carlos Mexico

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Links to Other Online Resources for San Carlos Mexico

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