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About the San Carlos Mexico Guide

This guide was made possible by the efforts of long time residents, Paul and Dolores Smith Butt, who spent years compiling the document that this site is based on. Dolores passed away in 2004 and Paul passed on in 2009. His two Samoyeds have found a home in the USA. This web site is dedicated to Paul and Dolores.

From the introduction to the original document

"This has been written for our families, friends and visitors. The weather and the temperature reports are taken from our own journals and calendar jottings, so the information may not be as exact as some readers would like. The temperatures we recorded seem to follow closely the Guaymas weather reports posted each week on the Internet from Guaymas. The same is true of our description of when, where and what kind of fish are to be caught in this part of the Sea of Cortez. It may not be totally scientific, and is variable from year to year.

The people who do like it describe it to us in different ways:

“It’s a healing kind of place.”

“The people are great. Especially enjoyed fishing with Leonel.”

“The shrimp and crab are fantastic. Best Margaritas.”

“A place where I can write -Muy tranquilo.”

“I can get a fresh start here. Change my life style. Paint. Get my head together.”

“I never saw the ocean before. I love it. I had so much fun fishing with Leonel.”

A final note:

San Carlos is not the place for everyone. For those who can find something here for themselves, Dolores and I wrote this to make it easier to find."