San Carlos Mexico Guide

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The Guide to San Carlos, Mexico

The Guide to San Carlos Mexico provides information on all aspects of this delightful resort community. You will find answers to questions frequently asked by visitors, and even residents will find information that may come as a surprise. The guide web site is organized into pages, which correspond to the chapters of the original document it is based on.


1-Trip Planning
2-Road Travel
3-Air Travel
4-Fun for Kids
5-Beaches and Pools
6-Water sports and more
7-Community Activities
8-San Carlos Sightseeing
9-Sonora Sightseeing
10-Staying Healthy
11-Becoming a Resident


  • This guide is intended to be a living document. Please send suggestions and comments to the webmaster for consideration for inclusion. Photos are welcome-please send original digital photos in 640x480 or larger. All photos submitted become the property of the Guide to San Carlos.
  • Visitors are welcome to print the guide or sections of it for personal non-commercial use. Any reproduction of the guide or republication in any media without the express written consent of the owners is prohibited.